Marine Trophies
is a division of Torogoz Co.

Torogoz was founded in 1976 as family business targeting the awards market. The company’s peculiar name is taken from the national bird of El Salvador (Momotus) as a tribute to its beauty from our founder, Oscar Panameno.

Our awards have the perfect combination between quality and design. We have more than 150 collaborators, including technicians in the metal process and great skilled artists that make possible the creations of our Fishing Sculptures, Custom Corporate and Sports Awards.

Our Fishing Sculpture Awards have been in tournaments in more than 45 countries, including United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean Islands, Angola, Thailand, Spain, Australia…

Our Artist

I was born into a very creative family, and my father, Oscar Panameno, the founder of our Family Business, Torogoz, always motivated me to develop my art.

Thanks to my company’s processes and techniques, I leaned towards the Design of Metal Products; this is how I became the Designer of all the product lines we produce: Awards, Decorative and Religious Figures, and a collection of Decorative Murals.

But of all the products I have designed, and with which I most identify due to my love of the sea, is the line of Fishing Trophies. I am proud to know that we have rewarded the efforts of competitors in more than 45 countries around the world, and we continue to grow…

Art Director Marine Trophies

Technique Marine Trophies

In Marine Trophies, we count with different techniques and a creative team that allows us to make your IDEAS come true.
From developing concepts to final production, we will bring your vision to reality and create your own UNIQUE AWARD with quality and distinction.


From developing concepts to final production, we will bring your vision to reality and create your unique award.
Our 45 years of experience have made us combine different techniques to get a product of quality and distinction.


Marine Art and Trophies has talented sculptors who give life to each of the products designed especially for our clients.


In Marine Trophies, every award or sculpture is metalized by an electroplating process that allows cover with real premium metal for any design envisioned by the client.
Being able to choose from the following finishes: Brass, Copper, Nickel, or Verdigris Copper.


Because the product is handmade, every piece is different from the others, giving a touch of beauty to them. Each of our pieces is polished individually, getting different finishes such as satin, bright, antique, or verdigris patina.
We cover each piece with a clear lacquer that protects the product keeping its finish for a long time free of maintenance. You only have to
clean it with a soft cloth.


The photo etching technique in brass sheets allows us to create beautiful plaques.
The beauty of this traditional technique is that each product is hand-painted, making it unique.


The die-casting process in Zamak allows us to offer different products, such as medals and souvenirs for your tournaments. Always with excellent quality and beauty, both in 2D and 3D design.


The coloring of this technique makes it very versatile to create designs and patterns in different materials like Glass, Brass, Aluminum, Wood, Acrylic, etc.


With our laser engraving, we can engrave plaques and promotional items in the most popular materials: Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cork, Leather, etc.


The versatility of sandblasting technique makes it possible to use different materials, such as glass, stainless steel, and brass, creating original finishes that enhance the beauty of our products.